About us

Skool Master is an online school management software solution that simplifies the processes of educational institutes. You no longer need to worry about managing day to day activities of the school, because this software can monitor it all for you. Not only students, but parents can also use this and keep a track of their kid's performance with just a few clicks!


Our Story

The idea of developing Skool-Master School Management System, started from a belief to create a better, more efficient way to manage school systems as compared to the existing online school management systems. This is a powerful tool to enhance the efficiency of the school management that empowers parents, teachers, staff and students to increase their span of work area, ease their schedules and add control over the system.

This system allows you to focus on constructive activities for overall growth of the students and their careers. There is no need for teachers, parents, staff and administrator to perform time consuming activities because all of it can be easily done with the help of Skool-Master School Management System in no time!

This innovative system also let students and parents to connect with each other in the most effective way. It allows students, parents, teachers and admins to customize and choose whatever appears on their homepage once they log in.

Skool Master is advanced software that is committed to purge unsystematic, inefficient and costly paper process and is directed in ways to improve life of students to achieve brilliance and enhance their learning experience.

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    Skool Master is a fully featured, easy-to-use online school management system that is designed exclusively for you in order to help you do all the things – more easily and effectively.
    If you are already using an online school management system, we would love to hear your experience and your suggestions to make Skool Master more efficient. We would love to spend time learning from you. Our curious mind wants to know your inputs!

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  • Our Vision

    For any school or an educational institute, students are always on top priority and that’s what we focus on as well. The team behind Skool Master is a highly skilled, proficient and practiced group of professionals providing innovative services and contributes to the success of an organization. We continually try to make our customer service, products and the whole communication process better. As an organization, we strive to find better ways and evolve Skool Master as we keep developing and refining.

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  • Our Clients

    Skool Master is a comprehensive online school management system that is not only restricted to schools, but it can also be used by colleges, universities, training centers and institutes. Direct your school in the right direction with the right tools and connections to engage students, parents and teachers more efficiently to improve the education system at both large and small scale.

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  • Our Work

    We have made our best efforts to provide an astonishing online school management system for students, parents and teachers to connect with each other and share all information at one place! With strategic planning, we have been providing technologically advanced and innovative solutions to our clients. We also understand the importance of personal customer support to our clients and therefore, we provide you 24*7 customer services to work everything out.

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